Opera on Stage

A new variant for the “Gmünder Sommer 2015”

Anyone who thought that things would quieten down a bit in the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd following the State Garden Show last year is now being made to think again. Together with the citizens, everything was prepared for the Gmünder Sommer 2015. Our tent canopy also served many a show act as protection against the weather.


“Opera On Stage” is the name of the new variant within our tent construction system. The smaller model of the size 10X12 is thereby built upon the Layher-substructure, so that once does not lose any usable height even with a built-in stage. The stage roof is hereby connected to the stage and they thus form one unit. This connection of the roof to the floor of the stage means that the ballast may be minimised most effectively, as the weight of the stage floor has also been included in the calculations.


The city of Schwäbisch Gmünd bought one of our tent canopies that had already caused a wave of enthusiasm at the State Garden Show the year before. The service contract between the City and Opera-Tent includes the annual setting up and dismantling of the tent. During the storage periods in winter the membrane is cleaned, treated and put in storage.


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