Open day of the Federal Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

For the open day of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology we placed our exclusivel roofing system Single Type closed at one end in the Goerckehof of the Ministry.

Under the canopy there was an 9m x 6m stage for bands, shows und speeches. Kel Torres with band as well as Creme Caramel provided on both days Cuban rhythms, soul- und popmusic. The Physikanten showed visitors funny and exciting experiments.

Guests were given an insight into the role of politicians by interviewing state secretaries Dagmar Wöhrl and Peter Hintze.

During a guided tour through the building visitors could learn more about the history of the complex and also see the office of the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Karl-Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttemberg.

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