Love Family Park & Sea You 2015

A new tool extends the possibilities for deployment of the Opera tent.


Over the course of the past few years we received time and time again inquiries from our customers and other interested parties as to whether there would be a possibility of setting the Opera tent on an elevated base. The reason always turned out to be the same: an LED wall was to be incorporated into the curved roof. In other words the square peg was to be forced into the round hole. Critics would say “Why not simply take a standard stage roof and just suspend the LED wall from that?” But that was precisely what our customers did not want! We offer an optically sophisticated and spectacular stage and not a mere standard one.

Our BaseXtension offers our customers precisely this possibility. The roof may be raised flexibly by between 80 cm and 160 cm. One is thereby independent from other installations such as stage or a truss construction.


This is particularly suitable for major events with a standing audience. The Love Family Park with its ca. 25,000 visitors was the first festival at which the BaseXtension was deployed. Its technical manager, Jochen Schwalb, had already inquired about such a solution the year before. In 2015 we were able to offer him a technical and statically safe solution. Jochen Schwalb, of Planwerk-Events GmbH & Co. KG: “As we were looking for an unusual type of stage canopy for the event we were responsible for and one that would allow us to work with varying stage heights, implementation by way of the demonstrated BaseXtension is a wonderful solution. The increasingly strict stipulations are also complied with hereby. The setting up is simple and well thought through.”

The BaseXtension is suitable for the two sizes currently on the market, the 10X12 and the 18X21, as well as for the new size, 15X17, currently under construction. The latter will presumably be launched onto the market in 2016.

Other festivals have also jumped onto the bandwagon, among them the SeaYou Festival in Freiburg and the forthcoming Echelon Festival in Bad Aibling.


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