Modern meets tradition - Infiniti presented itself at the Festival of Speed in England under two Opera-Tents

Since 1993 the Earl of March has been sending out invitations to the Festival of Speed on his estates in Goodwood (England) to organise what has now in the meantime become the largest motorsport festival in the world. The rendezvous of the motorsport sector and its fans saw the conversion of the estate once again into a Mecca for car enthusiasts.

The up and coming car brand Infiniti presented its current models in the Laundry Green of the estate, as well as the F1 Red Bull Racer of Sebastian Vettel.

The open version of two of our Opera-Tents served as protection against the elements. In order to make the brand clearly visible to the outside world, our tents were given a branded banner in the company’s colours and with its logo.

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